„20 years later” (2007)
Sofia Music Enterprices
This is a concert with the participation of the Bulgarian rock bands AHAT, Era and Konkurent. It was on June 28, 2006 in the legendary “Universiada” hall in the occasion of the 20- year anniversary of these bands. The concert is imposing and shows how mighty the Bulgarian rock could be!

“Òhe March 2003” (2006)
Harbour Island Records
The movie follows the tour 2003 of AHAT and shows what happens behind and on the stage. It includes many live performances, interviews with the band, the staff and the fans.

“Made in USA” (2004)
Harbour Island Records
„Made in USA” is a movie, which shows what happens on a rehearsal, how the band performs the songs, how the musicians take rest and have a good time. The atmosphere is creative, the conversations – real, the songs – performed with passion.

„Golden Rock Tour 2004”
Harbour Island Records

This album is recorded during the impressive national tour of AHAT in 2004. It contains live performances of bands’ best hits.

The March - re-release (2003)
Harbour Island Records

A gesture to two new generations of Bulgarian rock fans who haven't had the chance to hear these songs. Free from commercial objectives like sales and profit, this digitally remastered re-release de facto re-incarnates a remarkable album, which didn't deserve to be forgotten.

Made in USA (2000)
Harbour Island Records

The historical first album of a Bulgarian rock band entirely recorded, produced and mastered in the United States! Fantastic sound. English lyrics. The style though is unmistakable 100% ÀÕÀÒ! The Bulgarian release lies in the close future.

“7 years after…” LIVE (1999)
Harbour Island Records

Live concert after seven years break. 32 minutes AXAT opened the first DEEP PURPLE concert in Bulgaria.

Izpod ruinite (Underneath the ruins) (1994)
Unison RTM (1994)

Almost unknown release, familiar maybe to the most enthusiastic collectors only.

Pohodat (The March) (1989)

The original vinyl release of the first album has turned into collector's rarity a long time ago. This is an unforgettable page from the history of Bulgarian rock'n'roll.